Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oklahoma values cells over individuals.

Once again proving how idiotic members of my state government are, the Oklahoma house passed a bill that would ban embryonic stem cell research. The bill passed 86-8. House Bill 1442 would make it a misdemeanor to conduct research on embryonic stem cells.

The bill’s author, Republican Representative George Faught, stated that:

“We value life here in Oklahoma, while we in no way dispute the fact that the ability to treat or heal suffering persons is a great good, we also recognize that not all methods of achieving a desired good are morally or legally justifiable."

For anyone with even a hint of understanding of embryonic stem cell research it is obvious that Representative Faught's statement is ludicrous. Such research is done on cells that would be either kept on ice indefinitely or would be destroyed. How exactly is this a crime? If so, would destroying such stem cells be a crime as well? What is one to do with all the left-overs? What about all the pregnancies that are aborted naturally? Wait, I forget, that was Utah's idea.

Another Republican, Representative Mike Reynolds stated that:

“We want to defend unborn children at every opportunity.”

As usual, they only care about cells, but once they are independent beings than they are on their own. When such research has already led to amazing advances in medical science and promises much more to come, how can anyone ethically oppose such research? How can anyone think that non-differentiated cells have priority over those who would be saved by harmless experimentation?

Of course the answer comes from these people's outdated and error filled holy book. Or does it?

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