Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Japan deserved it', even more idiocy

A few days ago I had written a post about various Facebook users who believe that Japan deserved the devastation it received from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami because of their role in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

Recently, on that post, I got an anonymous comment. It showcased the kind of bigotry, xenophobia and pure idiocy so well I couldn't let it rot away in the obscurity of the comments. I had to show it in all its terrifying glory. Please note that I will not be responsible for any damage to your computer in the resulting rage such stupid may put you in.

Anonymous said...

It's not just pearl harbour but also the millions of people the Japanese killed during world war 2, like the 10 million people killed in the nanking massacre in just a day. Or all the people they tortured with inhumane ways like burning, drink drowning, poison etc. for the sake of torturing them and nothing more. The Japanese totally don't deserve this because they deserve something far worse. I hope this tsunami is just the beginning.

I'll give you a moment to stop yelling at your monitor... Done? The level of idiocy is staggering. How can someone have this kind of hatred for a people for the actions of their predecessors? Obviously this individual did not think this line of reasoning through as if it were accurate then no human on the planet would deserve anything but death and torment. We all share some connection to those who, in the past, did reprehensible things. Is this some sort of modern incarnation of the idea of Original Sin? That the sins of one generation pass on to the next? Possibly used as an excuse for ones racism and xenophobia?

I responded to this disturbed individual with this:

I want to believe you are Poe, but you are most likely a disgusting example of my species. According to your 'logic' then we should apply the same concept to religion. Think of all the people slaughtered throughout history by any religious group. If crimes are carried to future generations then so must those of every one else.

Granted I am not twisted enough to believe this for a moment. The crimes that have been committed were done by the individuals, not the group. Those individuals have mostly died. To think people who had no hand in the events deserve death just as much shows a kind of thinking that scares me.

It scares me because it shows the inability to discern between individuals (especially when they are not known personally). It scares me because it shows the kind of nationalism and xenophobia that leads to senseless wars and hatred. It scares me because there are people who will think you have a point.

Whoever you are (as you did not even have the spine to log in to post your comment), know that above all else, above being a sniveling, hateful and ignorant person, you are pathetic. If I didn't find you so disdainful, I might have pity on you. But you chose to be a disdainful moron, so I can only look upon you with disgust.

With such vile humans existing around me, it is sometimes difficult to maintain the desire to help them or hope that our species is capable of more. Ironically, it is the way the Japanese people have came together to aid one another, without the kind of rhetoric or blame that has occurred when any disaster has happened in my country, that helps to keep these feelings strong despite such hatred that I have encountered.
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Anonymous said...

they did deserve it. you just dont know anything

Cyc said...

I reel in the face of your supreme logic, how could I not have seen it that way! I keep forgetting that petty, ignorant and downright evil people such as yourself know everything and I'm just one of those mindless 'elites' who spend too much time on those useless books and facts. How could I possibly have been such a fool?

Infidel753 said...

Not very surprising when you recall that Falwell and Robertson claimed 9/11 was punishing our own country for tolerating gays and feminism. At least Pearl Harbor and the Nanjing massacre were actually bad things.

Not, of course, that most Japanese alive today have any responsibility for those things, any more than you and I have for black slavery and the Indian genocide (funny how these people never think of that).

Still, what do you expect from a religion that spent most of the Dark Ages persecuting Jews on the grounds that a few of their ancestors were peripherally involved in murdering a fictional character.

Cyc said...

Sadly it is not surprising at all Infidel. The glaring hypocrisy even less so.

Though despite knowing what to expect with such idiocy, I still twitch upon hearing it.

Anonymous said...

google unit 731

Cyc said...

@ yet another anonymous

If the actions of those in the past mean those of the now, most of which have no connection to the events, deserve this kind of horrendous act, then what does the entire Western world deserve for the enslavement and erradication of native peoples worldwide?

The only way one could 'argue' this would be from a religious point of view. That they did wrong before so god can now smite them (ignoring that the 'they' are not the same 'they' as those who commited the act). But I have to ask, if that is the case, why didn't the deity intervene when the events were happening? Why wait for most of those involved to die of old age? Why use something that is perfectly explainable and expected considering the location?