Thursday, March 24, 2011

The stupidity, why won't it end...

I was just going to place yet another reply to an idiot commenter on my post about the morons of the world who seem to believe Japan deserved the disaster it is facing. That the estimated death toll of 18,000 is somehow justified. I knew there were many members of my species who are so vile that to call them human seems fundamentally wrong, but having it shown for what it is over and over is just tiring.

I log on today and find a plethora of repeat posts, so after cleaning things up a bit I was going to write a proper response, but I found I had more to say then should be left in the comments. Now maybe the repeats were all caused by an error, as there have been times when I've tired to put in a post and it appeared to disconnect, but actually went through, leaving me to post it again. However I generally don't leave four or five of each then type up another comment and do the very same damn thing. The second comment is labeled Anonymous, but so were the first three of the first post. Combine this with a nearly identical concept, mass repetition and the fact that they were all posted together (about once a minute) and I have to assume it is the same person.

The first comment by this person was at least a turn away from all the Pearl Harbor and WWII 'reasons':

Mitchell Jefferson said...

I think the whole thing is kind of sad but that the whalers, which we know are mostly Japanese, deserved it. Save the Whales!!! And the Japanese who aren't whalers!!! at least the kids...

While I am fully against whaling as there is absolutely no reason to do this anymore (of course I'm also against mass fishing, shark fishing, drag line catch and a host of other ways to destroy the oceans), this comment seems a bit odd. I'm not sure if this person is trying to say the disaster happened because of whaling or just that whalers deserved it and if it happens to off a few thousand other people, so be it.

But the next comment is even worse and shows a kind of mentality which I utterly loath:

I don't think it's just Japan. the entire Human race needs to be destroyed for what we've done to the Earth. Deforestation, whaling, killing animals for fur, abusing animals for labor or food (don't get me wrong, it's natural for humans to eat meat so I do). We should stop saying "poor Japan" and start saying "yay! Now not as many whales will be needlessly killed!"

Ah, the ever popular "destroy mankind" trope.

First and for most, to those who believe the human race needs to be eliminated, either off yourself or shut up. If you are not willing to set the example by reducing the species load by one (and only yourself for the crazies who apparently read my blog), then all you are doing is bitching pointlessly and are as much of the problem as anyone else, if not more so as you are not doing a damn thing to actually try and solve the problems facing our species. Hell, I doubt such people can even explain to me the reasons for such issues and the possible solutions as well as what is hindering any advancement. They are just ignorant whiners who think being pointlessly cynical does anything at all. So please, if you believe this, take one for the team, if nothing else then it will give the rest of us the peace and quiet we need to actually get to work and accomplish fixing these problems.
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