Monday, March 28, 2011

Abortion regulation--Women cannot make decisions on their own

A recent law passed in South Dakota is yet more evidence that Republicans see women as second class and incapable of making informed decisions on their own. This law, signed into effect by Governor Dennis Daugaard, would require any woman in the state who wishes to have an abortion to be required to undergo a three day waiting period where they must attend anti-abortion counseling.

Representative Roger Hunt, who has been one of the primary supports of the bill, stated that:

"Women need to just be reminded of the fact there is a natural, legal relationship between them and their child"

There should be no question about what is meant by this statement. He truly believes that women cannot make such decisions on their own and must have someone to 'guide' them. Does he and the others in support of this law really believe that women are nothing more than emotional reactionaries who must be guided and tempered by wiser men like god intended...wait...

This law is made worse by the fact that there is only one clinic in the entire state that offers abortions. With so much of the population being spread out over a wide distance, the ability to take off work for the required 72 hours before the abortion would be more than many would be able to do. So not only does this law treat woman as uneducated reactionaries but it also puts more stress on the working class.

Thankfully both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are seeking legal action against the law.

Found via the Infidel
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Infidel753 said...

In the case of some of these busybodies, I'm really starting to wish abortion could be made retroactive.

MisaMacabre said...

You know, as someone into loss of control as a lifestyle choice in relationships, (Though, I enjoy having my own opinion most of the time) I'm strongly for choice and personal control of yourself. If I, and anyone else, didn't have that personal control and choice, I wouldn't have my choice to let go of that control... It's complicated, but it demonstrates the importance of having personal control of your opinions and yourself, to make your own choices, to the extend of giving up that personal control and choice.

Cyc said...

There are times, Infidel, that such a plan sounds terribly tempting.

Misa, such reasons are why such actions by these people are all the more vile. It is about taking away the rights of others in the name of the person interest of others. Granted there are times when this is necessary, but when no one is harmed, if not the utter opposite, than to restrict the choices of others is incredibly harmful.