Sunday, March 13, 2011

Game Music Remixes 2

I had stated in my earlier post Game Music Remixes that I hoped to be able to continue sharing some of my favorite remixes from various games. Since I am a self-admitted music whore it was not hard for me to follow through and find more great music to force upon my readers.

I hope for those of you who were previously unfamiliar with this art and took the time to read my previous post as well as listen to the remixes I posted that you have gained a sense of the talent of these musicians. Perhaps some of you even went looking for remixes of some of your own favorite games, both new and old. As I stated in my previous post, OCRemix is the largest and greatest site for remixers, both those learning and the professional. This time around I have used videos instead of DivShare as the load times on the tracks was horrendous. I have also gone back and replaced the DivShare players from the original post with videos as well so if they did not work for you before, the new videos should.

To start off with I would like to share something a bit different. The source material is from the underwater levels of the original Super Mario Bros. When I first heard this version, done by Brentalfloss, I was left with both a smile and just a bit emotional. It is a blues rendition with wonderfully fitting lyrics. He even put together a video to go along with it. If you wish to download the track as well as some more information, here is a link to the OCRemix page. So please enjoy The 2-2 Blues:

Next I would like to offer a beautiful and powerful orchestral track set to the various themes from the SNES classic Secret of Mana. This game, and its sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 (which was sadly never released in the states, although there is a great English ROM crack available) are considered the best Action-RPGs on the SNES console, and for good reason. This piece, entitled The Things We Didn't Know by Vampire Hunter Dan lives up to the greatness of the source material and weaves together something that is simply stunning.

While I know I did a remix from Super Metroid for the first of the remixes on my previous article, I soon after came across this remix done by Big Giant Circles that immediately grabbed me. It is a remix of the tracks Opening ~ Destruction of the Space Colony and Theme of Samus Aran - Galactic Warrior entitled The Bounty Of A Brain and is an energetic Electro and Industiral piece that just makes me want to put in the old cartilage and kick some Space Pirate ass.

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