Monday, November 28, 2011

Change Immigration Laws To Include Character And Employment References

Disaster has struck, and I need the help of the good people of the internet.
This blog belongs to my boyfriend of two years who lives in America. I am English. Recently, yesterday, he tried to come here, as mentioned on his blog, but due to some complications at immigration, he was refused entry, because our immigration system in a computer system where you must tick the right boxes, rather than judging who we actually want to visit our country, and who we don't. This is pure unfairness.

My petition letter is on this link, for the petition, please sign and give us both some hope for humanity, and maybe we can change the unfairness in this particular part of the world.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm not dead yet.

Believe it or not, but soon there will come fresh lines of prose on this now, forgotten corner of the internet. Worry not, I have not died during my hiatus. I was just a bit...poor. But things are changing. Not the fact of my being poor, just where I will be poor at. Instead of servicing the mighty taco overlord, as I have for weeks (that sounded far more disturbing than I had initially intended), I will soon be finding myself in England and the start of a new life. I have just purchased my ticket for the flight and I shall be there by the end of the month. Shortly there after, I shall attempt to dust off this site and get it going again. I have missed writing here and for my other gigs quite a bit in the past months. It will be good to be doing something non-taco related for a change...

To hold you over, enjoy a bit of something I wrote while bored a couple days ago...

Welcome to another thrilling episode of "Wild Kingdom: Championship Edition"! The show were we pit two fearsome beasts against one another. In today's episode we pit the ferocious Thresher Shark against a bag of kittens. This is sure to be a riveting match.

After being dropped in the water the kittens start the bout by mewing helplessly in an attempt to intimidate the shark. Undeterred, the thresher lashes at the slowly sinking bag with its tail. The kittens appear to be retaliating by bleeding profusely, in what can only be a tactic aimed at confusing and disorienting the opponent.

Seeing through the ruse, the shark devours the bag, kittens and all. However, the kittens anticipated this move and now aim to claim victory through inducing a case of mild indigestion. But at the last moment, the Thresher Shark's gastric fortitude wins it the fight. Tune in next time to witness another one of nature's epic struggles in Toy Poodle vs. Komodo Dragon!
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