Saturday, March 12, 2011

Facebook users who think Japan deserved it

In the wake of the worst earthquake in Japan since the country officially began taking records over 140 years ago and the subsequent tsunami that has left a death toll of over 1,000 with more certainly to come due to the devastation, some Facebook users have decided that the havoc that Japan has received is justified. Why would anyone believe such a vile thing? How could anyone think such devastation and massive loss of life would be deserved?

The answer sadly comes from my own country. An increasing number of users are claiming that the damage endured to innocent people is some sort of divine retribution against the people of Japan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Take that in for a minute, people who have only heard about this event in history class and through a bad movie believe that so much death is somehow justified because of an event that took place 70 years ago.

This is disgusting. These people are vile and some of the worst examples of stupidity, nationalism and even theism. Theism because so many are invoking their god as the source of these events. As for some reason, god only loves America. This was brought to my attention by a link provided by Pharyngula. The link provides a collage of various posts by Facebook users who are espousing this vile and baseless claim. As P.Z. Myers stated, "Don't click on this compilation of facebook entries unless you're one of those cynical people who already has low expectation of the worst of Americans."

While I do not know any of these people and hope I never do, I would like to offer what apologies I can to the Japanese people on behalf of these disgusting examples of failed sentience.
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Anonymous said...

And 'failed sentences' in many cases.

Cyc said...

This is Facebook we are talking about, not to mention obvious idiots who are writing these things. Combine the two and I'm amazed even half of them are readable.

Anonymous said...

It's not just pearl harbour but also the millions of people the Japanese killed during world war 2, like the 10 million people killed in the nanking massacre in just a day. Or all the people they tortured with inhumane ways like burning, drink drowning, poison etc. for the sake of torturing them and nothing more. The Japanese totally don't deserve this because they deserve something far worse. I hope this tsunami is just the beginning.

Cyc said...

I want to believe you are Poe, but you are most likely a disgusting example of my species. According to your 'logic' then we should apply the same concept to religion. Think of all the people slaughtered throughout history by any religious group. If crimes are carried to future generations then so must those of every one else.

Granted I am not twisted enough to believe this for a moment. The crimes that have been committed were done by the individuals, not the group. Those individuals have mostly died. To think people who had no hand in the events deserve death just as much shows a kind of thinking that scares me.

It scares me because it shows the inability to discern between individuals (especially when they are not known personally). It scares me because it shows the kind of nationalism and xenophobia that leads to senseless wars and hatred. It scares me because there are people who will think you have a point.

Whoever you are (as you did not even have the spine to log in to post your comment), know that above all else, above being a sniveling, hateful and ignorant person, you are pathetic. If I didn't find you so disdainful, I might have pity on you. But you chose to be a disdainful moron, so I can only look upon you with disgust.

Charles said...

Thanks, Cyc.

And may this Anonymous find that his/her mother cooks socks in Hull.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that it is these ill demeanor people why the killing hatred, and war doesn't end.
Eye for and eye tooth for a tooth. Have you really taken a good look at history and whats going on in the world today. This mind set of hanging on to only the bad stuff for decades, centuries has only caused pain nothing ever gets better.
The world would never be a better place if people stay that way.
Looking back at pearl harbor (keep in mind I am not saying what the Japanese did is good) It was war time they attacked the military ships. But what did the US do they dropped atomic bombs on civilians not just 1 but 2 of them. Google how much casualties that caused not to mention the long time health effects that caused the survivors. Look at the pictures of children. Did they do anything to deserve any of that?
Do you think that Americans now should pay for that? Would any bad disaster be Karma for killing children woman,
families,animals? What about what they did to the native Americans? No of coarse not!
I hope people will look at what Japan chose to do instead of holding on to a grudge that Americans dropped atomic bombs on them they chose a higher road. Forgive and move on they became one of the most strongest Allie of the United States.
If more people tried to be more compassionate accept differences, and focused on the future the world would be a much better place.
Hating never leads to anything good. Hate will only generate hate.
That's why the killing never ends.

I am so ashamed to call the people who think anybody deserved this tragedy as fellow humans.

Cyc said...

Sadly you are quite Anonymous. Blind hatred has and always will be one of the greatest threats to both peace and our species future.

You are quite right, based on these people's logic, the US would deserve the same if not worse for both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Not to mention the fire bombing of Tokyo which actually initially killed more than both attacks.

This is where much of my disdain for nationalism comes from. For it takes the 'us vs. them' mentality and strengthens it with 'the us can do no wrong'. It is such a twisted view that I am unsure how anyone with even a single shred of intelligence can hold on to it.

Thank you again for the comment.

Mitchell Jefferson said...

I think the whole thing is kind of sad but that the whalers, which we know are mostly Japanese, deserved it. Save the Whales!!! And the Japanese who aren't whalers!!! at least the kids...

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's just Japan. the entire Human race needs to be destroyed for what we've done to the Earth. Deforestation, whaling, killing animals for fur, abusing animals for labor or food (don't get me wrong, it's natural for humans to eat meat so I do). We should stop saying "poor Japan" and start saying "yay! Now not as many whales will be needlessly killed!"