Monday, January 3, 2011

Well this is certainly one way to show your love...

I would first like to thank Misa Akane for finding the information about this event. She is the writer behind The Last Lemurisian as well as the excellent poetry blog Exhibit Number One. If you do not read her, go do so now, no you really don't have a choice in the matter. I wish you did but the Great Invisible-Omnipresent-Invincible-Ever-Changing-Neptunian Crocodile demands it and how can you argue with that?

So my state has given me yet another reason for me to want to disassociate myself with it. But this time it isn't the government but an inhabitant that is the source of my shame. All because Oklahoma resident Arthur Sedille and/or his wife Rebecca Sedille, had a rather unique sexual propensity. You see Arthur liked to hold a hand gun to Rebecca's head while they were in bed. At this point, things may seem a bit odd. But then again, they could be nothing more then the ever present rape fantasy but with a prop.

I am going to take a quick segue here for a moment to say that yes, rape fantasies are both common and normal. The most recent study on the subject showed that, depending on how you worded the question, 32-52% of women have had this kind of fantasy at least once. This is perfectly in line with previous studies. If it is phrased in the same way it often used in many romance novels (yes, romance novels are literary porn, and no, that is not a bad thing) such as 'overpowered' then researchers generally get confirmations somewhere close to the 50% mark. But if you just come out and say 'rape' then that number drops down to the low 30s. It seems that many females are worried about how it would be interpreted if such a word were used. I wonder why... But yes, rape fantasies are both common and are not linked with any psychiatric disorder of any kind (unless you count being able to read romance novels).

Now back to the original story. On December 21st, Arthur and Rebecca decided to run through the rape fantasy scenario with a gun...thing that they had except this time Arthur forgot to check the chamber when he pulled back the slide. Subsequently, when he pulled the trigger, Arthur Sedille killed his wife, Rebecca. While Arthur has been arrested he has not been charged.

I can only imagine those behind this case are thinking something similar to what I am at the moment. That they are sitting there and honestly asking themselves, "OK, either this guy is an utter moron who knows absolutely nothing about guns and was just going along with things like he said or...this guy is an utter moron for thinking he could kill his wife and just claim it was an accident involving a gun and a rape fantasy. Either way we are dealing with a complete idiot".
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