Friday, January 21, 2011

Boycotting an idiot

The Spanish Inquisitor recently wrote about an idea for a boycott that, if it is spread far enough, could create a most welcome reprieve. It was started by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and it is aimed at trying to put a dent in all this warrant-less attention that Sarah Palin has accrued. It is called Palin Free February and it asks those who are tired of hearing about this vapid, Flintstones worshiping, hypocritical moron to not mention her one during the entire month of February (and if we are lucky, we won't have to hear much about it afterward either)

I know it may be difficult for many of us as it seems every week we find a new reason to wonder why her skull hasn't collapsed under what must be the closest thing to a perfect vacuum on this planet. But it may be one of the few ways to make the media realize that we are sick and tired of hearing from this insult to sentient thought.

I know this probably won't spread far enough into the political right to be enough to effect Faux News (other then, ironically, making them comment on our lack of commenting), but it just might be enough to calm some of the more left leaning parts of the web who, if we are perfectly honest, also contribute to the problem. As the more people on the left who talk negatively about her will almost always be accompanied by an increase in acceptance of her on the right. This will cause her to be given more venues with which she may defile the English language, and this will only further the number of those on the left who will be extolling their vitriol. The only way to break this cycle is to give her exactly as much attention as she deserves, none.

I do hope this spreads far and wide and that many others join in, as we dearly need it.
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