Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Terrorism in Russia

Earlier today, at the international arrivals terminal at Domodedovo Airport, a man walked in with a brief case like any other. However this was not just any person awaiting the arrival of a friend, relative or business acquaintance. Instead, he was waiting for the best time to kill. He was an unnamed suicide bomber and because of his actions, 35 are dead and another 180 were wounded. As of yet, no one has claimed this attack, though Islamic militants in Chechnya are suspected.

This is the most recent in a series of attacks Russia has faced in recent years, all previous ones were by said militants, as such, it is safe to assume this one to be claimed by them as well. In fact Russia has been plagued with terrorism attacks from Chechen Islamic militants since 1995 when Chechen rebels captured a hospital in Budyonnovsk. Here they took over 1,000 people hostage, killing 100 of them outright. In a botched attempt, Russian soldiers tried storming the building that led to dozens of deaths. From this three day event (June 14-17), over 400 were also injured.

I was going to try and write up a bit on all the attacks, but the further I delved, the more I found. For each 'major' attack I found a handful of 'minor' ones. What separates a major from a minor? The media attention. Some of them had more lives lost but were underscored by other media. This represents a state of the media which I cannot stand and is one of many reasons why I generally do not watch television as well as why I cross reference news stories before writing about them.
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