Friday, December 17, 2010

Site redesign

As I'm sure you can tell, I have recently taken the time to reformat my blog a bit. While the old design was nice, I believe I have greatly improved it in both aesthetics and functionality.

The first most obvious change has to do with the new title image. I would like to thank the ever so talented Misa Akane for providing her talent in creating this new header for me. She is also quite the brilliant writer. Her primary blog can be found at The Last Lemurisian and her poetry blog (which is quite amazing) is located at Exhibit Number One. So please stop by and give her a read as I'm sure many of you will love her writings as much as I do.

I have also changed the layout to fix a previous annoyance I have been fighting with. I had noticed that if photos and videos were not formatted correctly, they would end up having part of their right side cut off. This was quite agitating, but thankfully is something that has been entirely resolved making both the appearance more pleasing as well as making things far more easy on me when I go to incorporate such media items.

On the right hand side I have added a few more items. I have added a search tool that will allow anyone to make a query for any post or subject that I have written about. I have also decided to sign up with Adsense to hopefully get a bit back financially from the time I put into this blog (each time someone clicks on the ad I receive a small amount of money, so click away readers). In further hopes to make this blog a bit more self sustaining, I have added a Donation tool (AKA the begging button) for anyone who wishes to support me in my endeavors to remain alive (as I generally find this to be a rather agreeable state). I have also included a "Blogs I Follow" list. Look through here for guaranteed intelligence and thought provocation. A bit further down is my 'Gifts and Treasures' section. Here I display items that have been made for and given to me that have some sentimental value. It gives me a place to proudly display those things that others have taken the time to create or give to me.

As I'm sure those who are familiar with the site will also note that I have been devoting far more time to my blog and have been updating far more frequently then ever before. I hope to keep this up as I truly do love writing and having a place to publish my ideas and thoughts. I hope this will also help to increase the number of comments as I do love the feedback.

In addition to the comments I have added some Reactions buttons. These are easy to click responses to what you the readers think about the post. For many, I understand it takes too much time to comment on every decent article or post that you read from day to day. So it is my hopes that my inclusion of the Reactions buttons will make people more likely to give feedback. As the more feedback I receive, the better my understanding will be for what you, the readers, truly enjoy taking your time to read through.

Finally, I have taken advantage of a program known as AddMe which is a free service that helps to promote sites and distribute links to a wide variety of search engines. I hope this shall increase traffic a bit and is something I recommend to any fellow bloggers who wish to increase their traffic and reader base.

If any of my readers have any suggestions or critiques, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Thank you for taking your time to read me, I greatly appreciate it and hope to continue this blog for as long as I am able. Which,
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