Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sound Of Freethinking: #3 Coming Up For Air

This piece deals with that moment that many atheists, including myself, have had. The moment when, after clawing through religion for so long you finally take that first breath of fresh air. That first inhalation of reason. Where you hold yourself and wonder if this will answer your questions or just poison you like everything else that has filled your lungs.

It is the realization that what you have been told throughout your life is a lie. It is finding that the ever present fear of Satan or any other such evil has been falsely raised up as almost an equal to God in order to control you and in the next moment you realize the whole idea is nothing more than an animal. That this animal is nothing more than our primal urges that we all struggle with and can even, in time tame.

It is the sudden understanding that the iconography that fills the religion has been torn from other dying religions in order to feed itself. It is knowing that you can let every blasphemy you have ever heard or thought wash over you and you will be left unmarked.

It is the feeling of vitality coursing through you. Of air inflating your lungs as you spew out the last remnants of every lie that has been shoved down your throat.

This is Leather Strip, Coming Up For Air.

Running out of time
Running out of life
This is no competition
Jesus was a man
Jesus was a lie
Beautiful crucifixion
Deep down in your soul
Fighting emotional breakdown
Coming up for air
Beating up a man
Fucking with your pride
Violence is religion
Satan is a god
Satan is a dog
Beautiful execution
I wanna walk through the
valley of death
I wanna see the misery
expose the symbols of
love and hate
I wanna hear the blasphemy
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1 comment:

Infidel753 said...

I can understand what a liberating moment this is. Many have written about it.

I still feel very fortunate to have grown up without religion at all, which meant I never had that liberating moment. Viewed from the outside, religion seems so obviously shabby and fraudulent that the mental state of believers is very difficult to imagine.