Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sound Of Freethinking: #5 Silent World

I know I just did one of these the other day, but I happened to be listening to some music and found a song that I thought would be quite interesting to do for this series. For this one, I would like to put up the video and lyrics before discussing it. So I give you Destroid with Silent World.

I have lost my faith a long time ago
I never thought I would realize
These visions of man seems still blurry to me
I want to be somebody else

I have lost my faith a long time ago
These faces are memory of the lost
This silence grows deep into my world
It faints and turns to dust

I have lost my faith a long time ago
Dreaming was all I ever wanted
But god put me into silent sleep
So I overcomed this life unborn

These sweet melodies
Sound bitter to me
Gentle for your ears
They will never set me free

These sweet melodies
Sound bitter to me
Gentle for your ears
They will put me right back into chains

The first and most obvious thing of this song is that it is sung by someone who has lost their faith. But more than that, it is by someone who is still coming to terms with it. It is someone who has realized that everything they once knew not only was untrue but was the very thing keeping them from truly living.

It is someone who still thinks back upon his old life and all those he once knew and has presumably lost, even though both they and his old self are beginning to fade with time.

It is someone who only wanted to live but found that his belief in a god was keeping him sedated and numb. That only through losing his faith was he able to awaken and start his life.

Someone who know, upon hearing the faithful talk of the beauty they know, hear only the sound of those still asleep and dreamless. He only hears a call to be put back into the mental slavery he had escaped.

From my own experience, I know quite well what it is Daniel Myer sings about. I know the feeling of being lost when you are surrounded by those who are still chained by faith. The questions as to whether you have wasted your life up to that point. The feeling of betrayal as you find that for so much of your existence you have been denied the life that you had always desired. The life you had been promised that a faith in god would give. The way others will still try and drag you back by their exaltations when all you hear are bitter distortions of reality. The feeling that despite how they all seem to feel so content, you see only shackles waiting to bind you again.
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