Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Perfection is sought so often by us. But, perfection itself, is by its very nature, imperfect. For the moment one achieves perfection, one must remain eternally still, as the slightest movement will jar some piece out of alignment and thus, destroying the overall pristine state.

This is why imperfection is, in fact, more desirable then any perfection could ever hope to be. As perfection is static and frail. Where as imperfection, or as I prefer to look at it, individualism, seeks not a finite state that must be forever maintained. Instead, it strives for a dynamic system where difference and originality is rewarded. Where plasticity is seen as the noblest of traits.

Unfortunately the culture we live in does not seem to agree with nature and myself. It, instead of striving for the organic variations that make existence so thrilling, seeks to press everyone into one perfect form. A creation that must freeze itself in time and wash away any sign of character. Thus our society envisions perfection to be the existence of the mannequin. Ever perfectly poised and never a hint of expression nor ever a glow from our inner spark that grants us our uniqueness.

This is the reality so many of us are finding ourselves in. Trapped in an ever collapsing cage that seeks to hold us firm and still. So that others may look upon us and hope to one day feel the living rigor mortis that is perfection.

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