Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yet another person from the state I reside makes me ashamed to live here...

I am, once again, ashamed of my state. To understand why I must feel such shame, watch this video. It is a clip from everyone's favorite pretend news network, Fox.

For those of you who do not wish to watch the video or cannot due to there location, here is an article by ThinkProgress describing what is occurring on the video.

Now that you have had a chance to fill yourself in on the facts, let me give you my impression on Senator Jim Inhofe's reaction to the change in the name of the parade. It probably will not surprise you to find that I think Inhofe is being a whiny child who is doing nothing more then throwing a hissy fit when he does not get his way. Now granted, he could have done a lot more then he has to make himself look like a fool, but the fact that he has done this alone is more then enough to warrant being called out for his actions.

Inhofe claims to have taken part in this parade for the past thirty years and it is only when the word Christmas was replaced with Holiday that he has decided to not partake in the parade. As for some reason, he cannot bear to be in the "Holiday Parade of Lights" because it no longer uses the word Christmas. Now I have no problem with Senator Inhofe sitting this one out. Personally I wouldn't mind if he would remove himself from a lot more functions. For me, personally, Inhofe is an embarrassment to Oklahoma and is a walking stereotype of everything that is wrong with this state. He also proudly proclaims his backwards thinking that my state is notorious for. It is because of people like him that I have to reassure those I talk with from different states or countries that I'm not a backwards, bigoted and all around ignorant hick.

To make matters worse, Senator Inhofe says
Last time I checked, Gretchen, Christmas meant the birth of Jesus Christ and that's what we're celebrating and that's what I'm celebrating and that's what my twenty kids and grand-kids are celebrating."

Oh really? Apparently Inhofe believes that Christmas was the sole property of Christians and to suggest otherwise is wrong. Which is quite interesting as he contradicts himself right after by agreeing to something Gretchen Carlson says. He even goes on to elaborate upon it himself. Now here is what Gretchen Carlson prompts Inhofe with
So what you are saying is, its not like you are not tolerant of other religions, like Hanukkah and Quanza and whatever else may be celebrated in December. What you're saying is what a lot of people are saying in our society right now which is, we are supposed to be tolerant of all these other religions which every person pretty much accepts. Why does it always seem Christianity is the one to take the boot

This is followed by Inhofe's reply of
They're the ones to take the hit and you know your good friend, who has been on your program many times, Lanny Davis, I was on a program with him last week and he's Jewish, he's uh, very liberal, he's from the Clinton White House and he agrees with me.

Notice the contradiction? First he said that Christmas is entirely about the birth of Jesus Christ, therefore making it a Christian holiday and only a Christian holiday. Then with the support of Gretchen Carlson, he agrees that it is a holiday that everyone can have and that he never does anything to disrupt what others believe. So how can it be only a Christian holiday, but also be supportive of other beliefs?

I think it comes down to this. Had Gretchen Carlson not prompted Senator Inhofe with the part about being tolerant of other religions, Inhofe would not have contradicted himself, though he would still be a bigot. What I believe happened here is Gretchen Carlson noticed what the Senator had said and proceeded to prompt him in an effort to save the integrity he would have lost otherwise. Though I'm not entirely sure that Senator Inhofe was aware of all of this entirely. It would not surprise me that, had Gretchen Carlson not prompted him at that moment and at some future date some journalist asked Inhofe if that means he was less intolerant of other religions, he would say something that alludes to him not being tolerant of other religions and wanting Christianity to be the one everyone sees in public. I cannot say if this is accurate or not, but based upon what he has said here and previously, it would fit with his mode of thinking.

I also find it pathetic that he brings up the ever present idea of Christianity's martyrdom. That all the other religions are tolerated just fine but it is only the poor innocent Christians who have to take the beating. As any sane and non-biased individual can tell you, in the United States, and especially in the more conservative states such as Oklahoma, Christianity is in charge and often does all it can to keep it that way. Even if it means he has to squash the rights of others. For him to turn around and say ask "why is everyone picking on poor Christian me" while going about his office supporting bills to the Oklahoma Constitution that makes it illegal for same sex marriages to take place. Thus ensuring that his Christian doctrine is kept safe. As well as supporting such frivolous resolutions as the one banning those who think differently on the case of evolution from speaking (this is in reference to the proposition to ban Richard Dawkins from Oklahoma. His vote can be found under Resolution 1015). So it is clear by his actions that he feels like he and his fellow Christians are in charge. Yet he still pulls the martyr in an attempt to get his way. This kind of counter intuitive thought is one of the prime reasons why religion has no place in politics.

So I once again, apologize on behalf of every free thinking and rational person living in the state of Oklahoma. Not everyone in this state is a backwards thinking moron. We, sadly, just have enough of those underdeveloped individuals in our state to get people like Inhofe elected.
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