Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rep. Chris Smith wants to redefine rape

This is just vile. New Jersey Representative Chris Smith introduced a bill last week that would redefine rape and how it applies to government payed abortions. Previously, in cases of statutory rape, incest, and rape were all covered under a government plan for abortion. Along side this was the allowance for when the mother's life is endangered. But all of this may change.

The US House, through a majority vote, has passed a bill that would change it so that these paid abortions can only happen in the case of 'forcible' rape. What forcible rape exactly is, he doesn't say. The bill goes further to state that any money set aside in a tax-exempt health savings account (HSA) must also be used with the new guidelines. This sets up a situations where a family won't be able to access their own money they set aside because their daughter's rape wasn't classified as 'forcible'. There has been added to the bill the inclusion of incest, but only if the person is under the age of 18. It also explicitly states that cases of drug or alcohol induced 'date rape' will no longer be covered.

I cannot properly say how disgusted I am right now. I really thought I had seen the lowest Republicans were willing to go, but this? Granted this bill still has to go through the Senate and if it were to pass that (lets hope not) it will certainly be vetoed by President Obama. But the very fact that it was brought up in the first place is horrid enough, add in the fact that it got a majority vote from the house (this is what happens when you let Republicans take hold) and you see quite a few hands that are covered in more filth then one cares to imagine.
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Infidel753 said...

I guess the Republicans are going after the rapist vote. It's a natural constituency for them.

Ahab said...

The more people who know about this vile bill, the better. If it passes, it will be another source of grief for rape victims.