Sunday, February 27, 2011

Possible New Title

I have been wondering, is it possible that my blog's title is steering away potential viewers. I know that both the Gothic and Atheistic sub-cultures have their own views but what about those outside of that? Could it be that the juxtaposition of two 'scary' words has driven off potential followers? Or could it be the inverse. Could it be my holding to my liking while being sure to write while being sure to have high standards for what it is I post.

Does the title give a bad image to those who come across it? Do they see the research pieces and think them second rate solely on the basis of nomenclature? Or does my title give a bit of unexpected credulity?

I have placed a poll in the side-bar; please, tell me what you think, one way or another. And if you happen to have a replacement title that you believe would be more fitting, write it down in the comments, I'm always open for suggestions. While I'm sure this won't be necessary, please frame your rationale as to whether I should change the title in a manner that is logically consistent. If it is purely aesthetics or a more visceral thing.


Well the poll has closed and despite not many votes at all, it was for keeping the current title. Also, the amazing Misa was kind enough to create a new banner for me, one that uses a higher quality image and should rectify the issues of readability. So thank you Misa, you have done a wonderful job.
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bay-of-fundie said...

Lots of blogs reflect their owner's personality in the title.

However, a blog's title should also reflect its content. I don't actually see much goth in what you write. If the title is having any effect, it may be that people see the title and think there is nothing here that they would relate to.

It takes a long time to build an audience. People's patterns are set. They usually have a few blogs they check every day and a bunch they check every so often. Many of the big blogs are big just because they got here early and grabbed a lot of readers. Their content is good enough to retain those readers. There are other blogs with content just as good, but they don't have that inertia of thousands of readers already.

The best way to build your readership is to write quality articles on stuff you care about. People who happen to relate to what you write will keep coming back. It's a very slow process.

You'll probably never get big, because people have a choice among many equally-good blogs. They can't read them all, so they have to choose. You'll win that contest some times and lose most times. Unless you have some special expertise and unique voice that appeals to a lot of people (such as skepticism and astronomy or friendly atheism), it's very difficult to break out of smallsville. Most of us just carve out our niche, play to that niche as best we can, and accept whatever readership that develops.

Cyc said...

Thank you for the feedback.

I have been slacking on the goth aspect, but I have a few ideas to at least spice up the music part.

My biggest concern was that there is still some stigma attached to the term 'gothic' that it may turn some readers away, but I was unsure of that fact.

grasshopper said...

If you're a gothic atheist, be a gothic atheist. I would suggest two things - address in your info section a little something that can clarify...... what is gothic about your atheism? What does this mean, or why is this an apt description of you?

The other thing is that your title banner is a little hard to read. If your title is a concern for you, I'd start there.

Other than that, I'd echo what bay-of-fundie said. Building a readership takes time, and it seems even harder than it used to be (I blame twitter)

Cyc said...

Thanks Grasshopper, the info page is a great idea. And I have heard once before that the banner is a bit hard to read (most likely due to the atheist logo), so I shall try and get with the person who was kind enough to make it for me and correct that soon.

MisaMacabre said...

@Grasshopper, I admit, I wasn't too sure on the header being like that, but /someone/ liked the idea, so I went with it, being the obedient person that I am. Well, that I'm not, actually, but I was that time.

Cyc said...

Oh thanks Misa, blame me for header, just because it is my fault.

But seriously, I am thankful for your work and I should have listened to your expertise in this. I shall be sure to do so next time as your ideas on their own are always magnificent.

MisaMacabre said...

You're welcome, after all, I am wonderful and amazing and God-like in every way, hehe.
(God-like: existent in the minds of lunatics and generally useless.)

I'll make you a new one now that's easier to decipher.