Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gadhafi thinks he will die a martyr

Moammar Gadhafi, Libya's brutal dictator for 42 years, scares me. Is it because he is a vile, totalitarian, massacring bastard? Well yes, that is slightly on the distressing side (unless there is an upside to ruthlessly oppressing and slaughtering your own people that I am unaware of). But what makes him even more terrifying is the guy is bat-shit insane. Now when I say that, I don't mean the level of guano one might find in an attic, no, that is absolutely tame compared to Gadhafi, I'm talking Gomantong Cave levels of crazy.

Image from a recent MRI of Gadhafi's head

A prime example of this truly epic level of lunacy can be found in a speech he recently gave. He gave it from the remains of his former Tripoli residence that has been left in ruin after being bombed by the US in the 1980's. He decided to leave it in shambles as an act of defiance (because nothing says defiance like having a decrepit building that shows what happens when you piss off the wrong people). To make the scene more ludicrous, after the event that destroyed his former residence, he erected a monument of a fist crushing a US fighter. The setting alone warrants at least a 5 on the crazy scale. But Gadhafi is just getting started.

He comes out on the podium in flowing robes and a matching turban (how stylish!) and just because he likes to accessorize, added in reflective glasses (the international sign of douchebags and crazies alike, two groups he is a proud members of) to his lovely ensemble. But it is when he opens his mouth that the crazy goes from pathetic in a humorous way to full out tranquilizer and straight-jacket insanity.

For the most part he is shouting and pounding away at his podium but then, part way through he exchanges his reflective glasses for reading glasses so that he can begin to calmly read out of a book of law. He doesn't even slowly transition from raving madman to calm politician, he just switches suddenly. But apparently he soon gets bored of the lack of shouted ravings and starts to lose his train of thought and sits there for a moment looking confused as if he forgot where he was and what he was doing there. But this doesn't last long as he soon picks back up with the shouting until he begins to lose his voice. That is when you know you are devoted to your nuttery, when your own body can no longer tolerate it and starts to give out.

What he says is just as insane as how and where he says it. You have to at least admire his commitment. He is damned determined not to leave the podium till he reaches that coveted 10 on the crazy scale (more commonly known as raving doomsday hobo level). Apparently he has been listening to his own rhetoric and state controlled media for far too long as he states:

"You men and women who love Gadhafi ... get out of your homes and fill the streets, leave your homes and attack them [the protesters] in their lairs."

Wait, the protesters have lairs now? The irony of this being said by someone who outdoes most comic book villains in pure evil is simply astounding. Especially when it is being said in front of his own dilapidated lair (complete with loony statue and everything). He then goes on to state:

"Libya wants glory, Libya wants to be at the pinnacle, at the pinnacle of the world, I am a fighter, a revolutionary from tents. ... I will die as a martyr at the end"

He then vows to fight:

"to my last drop of blood."

A martyr, really? After slaughtering so many, after hiring mercenaries and having your own military turn anti-aircraft guns on civilians, after ordering the remaining militia to shoot anyone on sight (going so far as to having his men fire on ambulances), you have the audacity to claim you will be a martyr? If I could spit on you right now, I wouldn't, as you are not even deserving of my saliva you wretched fuck.

Though, after calming myself and thinking for a moment, perhaps he isn't far off, in the literal sense at least. While martyrdom is often seen as a sacrifice for a cause or belief, the word in its purest context can be applied to anyone who dies for a cause. But if you go that far, then Mussolini could also be argued as one so perhaps he is in good company.

As a final note, I would like to say that against such horrific evil, what the Libyan people have accomplished thus far and will certainly accomplish in the near future is worthy of nothing but respect. Even as their own lives are at stake, they work together to set up temporary government bodies, defense and police forces, medical services and every other necessity for a community. And it has all been done by people working together, for the good of the many. They have made sure to defend all who wish to join them, even those who were formerly supporters of Gadhafi. They have made sure not to damage their countries infrastructure for they know it is vital to their survival both as a future country and to their own freedom and well being. They join the ranks of so many others in recent times in their region of the world who have stood together for the good of themselves and their children's futures. They unite under a desire for peace and prosperity and while they may have to take up arms for a time to do so, they do it only for the greater good and not for power or revenge.


Maggie Michael and Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press
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