Monday, October 27, 2008


By a show of hands, how many of you have heard the annoying whining of fundamentalists who say evolution should not be taught in schools (OK, you can put your hands down now, did you honestly think I would be able to see them?). For the few out there who have not heard about this, the argument is usually something along the lines that evolution is not real science or is just one of many 'theories' (showing their ignorance of the scientific term theory). This concept has been pushed especially hard in the states by the IDiots (those that believe the concept of intelligent design is anything other than completely laughable and an insult to rational thought).

I have to ask, have any of these people ever actually studied evolution and why it is such a damn good concept (not to mention a necessary one for modern biology)? It is supported by so much evidence from so many fields that to say it isn't science only proves how moronic the individual spouting the phrase is.

So what does evolution offer that creationism and its deformed hell spawn, intelligent design, cannot? Well for one, it explains why all of life on this planet uses the same molecules for its genetic material. It explains the diversity of life, it explains ecology perfectly. It makes wonderful predictions that are tested and proven time and time again. It explains why the human body is so damn convoluted and how modern medicine should develop. Oh, and it is also falsifiable, if some new piece of information comes along that would force us to re-write or throw out evolution (this hasn't happened), then it can happen. It is kind of hard to disprove a concept that revolves around 'goddidit', as such, creationism and ID are not science (or even rational thought for that matter).

Why is evolution so important to education? Well as I already said, biology would not make a whole lot of sense without it. It would also leave students woefully inept if they decide they want to go into any scientific field (including medicine). It would be like trying to train a physicist who believes gravity isn't real.

Evolution is vastly important to our understanding of life (oh, and it is right too, kind of an important part there). To try to ignore it or say it isn't real science only makes the person say it look like an ignorant fool from the 14th century. So next time you hear someone spouting such garbage, do me a favor, hit them over the head with the evidence (since a bat is made out of wood that comes from a tree which evolved, it counts as evidence).

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Maybe it's a good article, maybe not. I can't read anything in burgundy over black.