Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bliss of Music

One of the greatest loves in my life is music. It is something I get lost in for hours at a time. Be it live or simply sitting at home, it is something I enjoy more then I can aptly describe. When I actively listen to music I enjoy, I loose all sense of time and place. Some would call this an escape, but it is much more then that, for an escape is just somewhere to be, not something you live.

Music opens up channels of emotion that flow uncontrollably, yet never uncomfortably. I may be left in pure awe, be left exhausted from the extended adrenaline release, be left with a powerful rage, left with tears streaming down my face, or simply left in a state of pure contentment.

As I listen, I often finding myself closing my eyes and visualizing the music itself. Not those creating it, but whole worlds created and controlled by the sounds. Each piece offers a new landscape to explore. If I was an artist, I would be more able to describe these fantastical locales. The best I can hope for in describing this experience is for you to imagine if sound and emotion could be given life, an environment shaped by each note and feeling.

Before long I discover I have lost myself entirely amongst the sounds. It does not matter what is occurring around me as such things loose all importance. I find my entire body moving with the stream of auditory bliss. Everything that once weighed me down falls completely away, I find myself free.

Music becomes the closest thing possible to the Platonic archetypes. Not the lofty, unattainable ideals the ancient philosophers held, but real concepts that we, with our imperfect minds, can fully comprehend.

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