Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy (slightly late) New Year

I wanted to write this earlier, but between having to work and getting quite ill, I have had neither the time nor the energy.  Thankfully I think I'm moving out the phlegm factory zombie stage and into the quiet acceptance of what is certain to be a prolonged and agonizing death.  Like the seasons, I do not fear the reaper and will face down my own demise while attempting to celebrate a belated New Year.

As part of this, I would like to take on the humble role of thanking the entirety of existence for being too indifferent to humanities existence to annihilate us for yet another solar year.

Thank you for not hurling some large rock, allowing a massive plague to spread, nudging a black hole in our general direction or any of the myriad other ways you could make living somewhat difficult.  I would just like to state that I do enjoy living and have grown quite accustomed to doing so.  Though, since you are indifferent, I doubt it will matter much to you (not there is a you either, but it would be really hard to thank you without having at least the idea of a you to thank).

Thank you cosmos, for not having some kind of grand ruler or 'god', if you will.  As if this were true, I think the shit would hit the fan quite hard.  And by shit I mean a Gamma Ray Burst and by fan I mean the Earth.  So while I know you are incapable of anything that approaches understanding, I would still like to thank you for letting a silly group of hominids scurry about our little rock in relative peace.

I hope to see you next year.
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Nameless Cynic said...

Yes, thank you, Zombie Apocalypse, for not occurring yet again.

Or, as the believers would have us think, thank you, God, for not allowing us to die as horribly as so many other people, many of whom pray to you daily, already have.

Cyc said...

But you see those who died didn't pray hard enough, or as some religious think, it was all about god working in mysterious ways.

This idea always made me think of their version of god as one of those people who acts like an inconsistent jerk because they think it makes them look 'mysterious'.

As for no Zombie Apocalypse, tell that to Iowa that is having to put up with the GOP caucuses.