Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Copernican lie

I have been living a lie.  I have just realized that I have been indoctrinated by the evil sciences into believing the baseless claim that the Earth rotates about its axis and revolves around the Sun.

But thanks to the Fair Education Foundation, Inc, the truth has been revealed to me.  I now know such seeminly obvious facts such as that the Earth is the center of the universe and at a fixed point just as god intended. 

I now now that stars are not suns light years away but simply fixed points of light in the sky.  I can eschew such evils as 'occult mathematics' and the 'Kabbalist evolutionary mythology'. 

I no longer have to rely on tools of Satan such as the telescope and computer models.  Apparently the website uses a god approved computer though, I'll have to look into where I can find one of these holy relics.

I can see how every lie of science from psychology to evolution to quantum physics to modern cosmology rests upon the the fact-less claims of a heliocentric solar system model.  As soon as this lie is removed, the whole houses of cards collapses around us and we are left with the only truth.  The truth that a magic man in the sky waved his wand and poofed everything into existence because a book written by a bunch of desert nomads written ages ago tells us so.

All this was shown to me thanks to the ramblings of someone who created a website back in 1997 and refuses to update the design of the webpage despite still writing it to this day.  So in between the confused looks and having to wipe away the blood streaming from my eyes I was able to learn god's truth. 

I'm still not entirely sure what these 'obvious facts' are that the author is so certain of.  I know it has something to do with the bible and more crazy then you can shake a straight jacket at.  The author jumps from point to point so quickly that I never had chance to comprehend one set of ramblings before he moves on to the next

I do know that he is in a Ph.D. program for "Advanced International Studies" somewhere.  This apparently gives him the necessary education to see through the lies of science, NASA and the modern education system.  Why he thinks being in a doctorate program is a good thing when he believes that the education system is nothing more than a brainwashing system based upon 'Copernican lies' I have yet to discern.

I do know that he hates NASA.  From the moon landing 'hoax' to the evil instrument that is the Kepler Telescope, he foams at the mouth at the mere mention of any of them.  He goes on quite a bit about how telecopes cannot possible work and that they are nothing more than the tools of satan.

For satan, you see, is the source of science.  At least non-bible based science, whatever this may be.  satan is everywhere and he hates the truth of the bible.  Apparently it is like sun light to vampires to him.  He hisses and runs away cursing you in the way befitting a cartoon villain.

But now with the facts in hand (I think), I can begin to combat scienceless science and openly tout the true bible based science.  I now know that all I have to do is open a bible and just read what it says and stop thinking there.  That if I question further I am being mislead by satan and my soul will burn forever because god loves me.  I hope that my suffering through horrible page design and rambling crazy has enabled me to save your soul and shine the light of the Truth (TM) upon you.
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Nameless Cynic said...

Holy sweet baby Jesus on a pogo stick. I thought you were exaggerating for comic effect about how bad that website was.

I think my eyes are still bleeding.

I remember a number of 90s websites that weren't nearly that bad. (Angelfire, anyone? How about Geocities?)

Holy hell. The only thing that could have made that worse was autoplay midi files.

Cyc said...

I wish I was, I really wish I was.

Be careful, you might give them some ideas on how to 'improve' their website.

Thorn said...

Wow...that guy makes most other "creation scientists" look like intellectuals. I was hardly surprised to find a link to David Icke as well.