Thursday, January 26, 2012

So A guy finds himeslf in a flood

A guy finds himself in a food but refuses to leave his house because he is certain that "God will save him." Eventually he is forced up to his roof to avoid the waters. A bus comes by to evacuate the townspeople, but he says he won’t go because he’s certain that “God will save him.” As the waters begin to rise a boat comes by his house. Boat comes to his aid but he declines because he’s certain that “God will save him.” When the helicopter comes by to try to scoop him up from the chimney he again declines because he’s positive that “God will save him.” When his story is mentioned on the news, atheists let out a collective “what a fucking idiot.”
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Ahab said...

Not as far-fetched as one might think. I've met several believers who take no action without waiting for an alleged sign from God.

Cyc said...

As have I. A friend told the original joke last night and I decided it would be more entertaining as this more realistic version.