Monday, May 2, 2011

It seems people actually like my writing

Despite not having as much time to write lately, things are still expanding for my blog and my writing in general. Recently, I was invited to start writing for the webzine Mad Mikes America. My author page there can be found here. I have also been hired by the national edition of the Examiner to write for their Science and Nature section.

But this doesn't mean that things will change for this blog. It is where I started and because it is mine, I can write whatever I like whenever I wish. I also am allowed to cross-post for both sites so, as for now, I plan on writing everything here and then posting relevant articles on the other sites.

With having been hired by the Examiner, I will be getting paid per page view. So for any of those who wish to help me a bit but cannot donate for whatever reason, just stop by one of my articles there and let someone else do the paying.

Also, because of the standards of both sites I shall have to write using my real name. While I'll still be known as Cyc around the blogosphere, for these, and any other places I might end up writing for (I can hope at least), I shall write as Chris Buescher.

When I started to write I had little hope of getting anywhere really. Just to enjoy a tiny niche with perhaps a few people who enjoyed my writing. While I still don't expect for much, it is reassuring to know that I am at least expanding myself a bit.

There might even be more in store. While it isn't certain, I might start up a collaboration with fellow blogger Misa Akane. She approached me about using some of my material, past and future, as material for a video blog. I had wanted to branch out into vblogging but seem not to be as articulate when I'm trying to talk to a camera. Since this isn't a problem for Misa, it only made sense to give it a try. And besides, who would you rather watch and listen to, my nerdy self of the stunning Misa Akane?
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