Saturday, April 9, 2011

Molly Zenobia - Porcelain & Mermaids

Molly Zenobia is a genius. I stumbled upon her music by chance and got lost both in her music and her voice. While her albums have a cohesive feel to them, the individual songs are anything but identical. They each have a sound, an emotion and often a story of their own. When listening to her music it is easy to just forget what you are doing and get lost in the beauty of it all. Some tracks can hardly be made through without tears at the lyrics, Molly Zenobia's voice and her piano work. Other times you find yourself feeling a fire welling up within you that is driven by the chords of the music. Picking a single song to display by this amazing artist was impossible so I have included two from her album Wind Chains.

First we have Porcelain, this is one of my favorites and no matter how many times I listen to it I can hardly control the emotions it brings forth. There is an overwhelming sense of sadness in this song, yet it won't leave you depressed. It brings forth images of a fragile person who can hardly deal herself. Someone who wants an escape, yet at the same time wants nothing more than to have someone there with her as she flees, to have someone who knows her fear and wants her to stay despite everything.

Next is Mermaids. This song invokes the very kind of imagery as the name suggests. There are no lyrics, just Molly Zenobia's haunting voice sounding both powerful and distant. This one is much harder to describe without actually hearing it as it is entirely about the images it spurs in the listeners mind. It has a feel of being alone, lost in some watery world with only the occasional creature floating past to keep you company.

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