Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fox news, ever the source of honest journalism...

For those of you who did not notice, the title is dripping with sarcasm. I'm sure most of my readers picked up on that, but I also know the intellectual aptitude of humanity at large; so I wanted to clarify. The title is in reference to this recent article put up on the Fox News website. I'll give you a chance to read through that great example of journalistic integrity.

I have the misfortune of currently living in the state where this event is unfolding. What you might immediately notice is Fox News' attempt to link the atheists who funded this billboard and satanists. Yes, the journalist who wrote this article is doing his best to make his audience of gullible readers think that atheists are in league with satanists. Now I personally know that satanism is not actually about worshiping the devil figure from Christian mythology but more about poking fun at the system and irritating the status quo. But your average Christian reader does not have the slightest inclination towards this fact. Most honestly believe that there are people out there who truly see Lucifer as their ruler and perform various horrible acts to gain favor with this imaginary character. I also know that Fox news is well aware of this fact as well and they are using it to stir up commotion and public outrage in the hopes of increasing their ratings and site hit counter.

So is there an actual connection between the Oklahoma Atheists and the satanist group? Kind of. The only link they have is that the satanist group rented part of the same building the atheist group will be using. Yes, that is the one and only link. So other then trying to get more of a reaction, there is absolutely no reason to even mention the satanist group who did not offer any funding for the billboard or are associated with the atheist group in any way.

In a strange twist, near the end of the article, there are a couple quotes from a local minister, Robin Meyers, who says "It's not the people who don't believe in God that worry me, it's some of the people who do" and "Fundamentalism is the enemy worldwide, no matter what the strain." I believe that Mr. Meyers and myself would have quite a few things that we would agree on. This heartens me quite a bit, to hear about religious moderates who are standing up against the more fundamental groups.

So in the end, we have another case of Fox news writing things in a way that will get them the most ratings; while laying their intellectual integrity down as a sacrifice to the ignorant hordes. If only such half-truths and bending of facts were punished instead of being rewarded by the masses.
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Ranch Chimp said...

Well .... Indeed another excellent posting. I see you also have a clear grasp on the difference's between satanism and atheism, actually most of the masses dont. As a matter of fact .... most christian's view anything that isnt of belief in god ... as being satanic, they even consider wicca as satanism, islam, buddhism, etc, etc. They have a mindset of two way's to everything, and think in term's of good/ evil, right/ wrong, black/ white only, most of which frankly wouldnt even have an opinion for that matter without the internet or the 6:00 O'Clock news. Because of this mentality as well, is why the politic's on both of these polarizing side's are so full of shit actually, and most dont see how they are played, and how they are simply a commodity basically.

Have a good un ...