Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ayn Rand, it had to be done

While talking with my love, I was inspired to get a bit creative and ended up creating  a new demotivational poster.  So, for everyone who has had to put up with the kind of self idolizing libertarian idiots that so many of us, sadly, have the burden of calling acquaintances, here is a meme you can get behind.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a self-centred prick and I like it! :D

Anonymous said...

A word of advice from a self-entitled prick who happens to be running a thriving business: waste no time dealing with forces you cannot make sense of. Focus on your own objectives, man!! Is there anything you need? Go f.. get it!! Nobody is gonna do it for you. So while you waste your time giving Rand a bad rap, we keep mocking the "please give me" kind. Kudos from the land of self.

Cyc said...

Ignore what is unknown and focus on what you can grab Anonymous? That is the very reason I think Rand's excuse for a philosophy is a joke.

It does absolutely nothing to further our species. Instead it fuels a mindless free for all that does little more than reward conflict.

Also, to think that it is split between those who wish to take what they can and those that think they will be supplied by all they need if they ask is such a false dichotomy that I shouldn't even have to point it out.

We as a species cannot hope to continue progressing if all we focus on is how we as individuals can survive. The more individuals that can be 'elevated' to a comfortable position, the larger a pool of knowledge there is to be drawn from and more general resources to fund it's development.

Pityu Kovács said...

I like the meme you created.
It definitely had to be done.