Friday, February 17, 2012

The We Are Woman March

With all the idiocies that the GOP led congress has put forth and all the state led offenses, enough is far more than enough.  Bearing the blunt of such assaults has, quite often, been women.  A prime example of this being the recent congressional hearing on contraception that denied women the chance to speak.

The list of offenses is both large and infuriating.  Still more seem to be coming daily.  So to combat this, a new group is starting up and plans to demonstrate against such ignorance and intolerance.  And by new I mean it is just being organized now.

The group has been named The We Are Woman March on Washington D.C.  It has been started by Erin Nanasi, fellow writer and, I would like to think, friend over at Mad Mike's America.  Erin composed a video to explain the reasoning and need for this, which I have included to help spread the word (the original post can be seen here).

So please, spread the word, the time for this sort of action is well past due.  If this idea can come to fruition, then perhaps there is a chance to work towards getting some change done.  Or at the very least, prove to the GOP that we are not about to stand back and let them do as they wish, that, as Erin said, women are not chattel.

I shall include more information in future posts as it becomes available.

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