Friday, February 4, 2011

Please Help

I really do not like asking this, but I have no other choice. I am in desperate need of money, bills have been piling up. I know the economy is bad and everyone is hurting to some extent. But if there is anyway someone would be willing to donate some money, it would help immensely. My poor health has not helped the situation either. I have a chronic pain disorder which puts me in constant pain. Unfortunately I live in an area where getting treated for chronic pain is seen as the same as a drug seeker. So if anyone would be willing to lend some aid, I would be most appreciative.

I wish I could turn to my family, but they have effectively disowned me. Not that this is entirely a bad thing to begin with, as my family is a bit on the crazy side. In fact, as one person put it, I shouldn't be alive with all the things I went through. But I won't bore you with the details.

It is especially hard being a non-believer living in rural Oklahoma, where religion is an assumed thing. I have had friendships destroyed over the fact that I would not convert. This is also one of the factors leading to my family disavowing me.

I do have one bright spot in my life, this is my love. Unfortunately she lives in England. We have plans for me to move over there this year, but with all these bills piling up, I'm unsure as to when or if that is going to happen. We found each other through random happenstance. She was feeling wounded and I offered her what aid I could. Together we have overcome a great deal of hardship. In fact I sometimes wonder if I would be alive today if not for her.

I don't speak of my personal life much on this blog. This is partly because of not wanting to bore the readers with the details and partly out of fear. If I were to tell all about what has happened in my life and my family found out, they would be after me rather quickly. I plan on one day speaking out about my life, so that others who are in my situation might gain some hope. But at the moment, if I were to, I fear my family would strike back. I only recently was able to get away from them in the first place, I do not wish to go back to that.

I have aquired a donate button through Paypal, for anyone who wishes to be of aid. If you would rather do so via mail, my address is PO Box 185, Altus, OK 73522. To all those who have even read this, thank you.

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