Saturday, February 5, 2011

I've been thinking...

After taking some time to think, I have realized that I have been holding myself back as a writer. I have only been writing on recent events with the occasional post on my personal thoughts on things. I have done this for varying reasons, but it is something I need to change.

There are so many topics I find interesting that I simply haven't written about because it was something I already knew and therefore thought others would not find interesting. The problem with this is I've been generally compared to a human encyclopedia (in fact, that is where the name Cyc came from, my friends eventually found it was easier to ask me then wait to Google something and if I was ever wrong I would always come back to inform them of the mistake), thus much of what I considered 'just another fact' turns out to be something others would consider quite interesting.

So starting with my next post, I am going to start writing about far more concepts, ideas, facts, organisms and anything else that comes to mind. It is my hope that this will improve my writing ability as well as bring in more readers. While it is simply happenstance, the start of my less restricted writing style will start with my hundredth post. Lets hope this chance leads to another hundred.
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